(Back to working with the phone, again, just so many ‘work-arounds’ available)

Long ago, long, long ago; in my youth (anytime before 1986, 40 or younger), when I was so afraid to express myself, I credited my grandparents, elder uncles, with having and instilling, well…values.

Geneticly, ideologically. hell, tempramentally my family has been all over the religious map – personally, I am not big on the rampent exclusivity – just me.

That being said, and it must, I created a character (again with the long, long…) my Jewish grandfather and when you approached his house, at this particular time of year, there will be candles burning in every window, wreathes on the doors, a fire in the dinning room hearth, and food there would be such delights.

And there would be grampy, in yam and prayer shawl, all smiles and Merry Christmases, greeting all, gathering any any all to sit, eat, be warm; and if you asked him why, his answer was simple: “Any holiday from any faith that celebrates peace, love, and goodwill one person for another, we will always honor in my house.”

I claim no organized religion, but from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the Merriest of Christmases; I’ll burn my candles, for the lost, a beacon; the homeless, a shelter.

With much love.

Peace out, pilgrims

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