it was a typical saturday, i was rolling through the kitchen, maneuvering a tricky course of sleeping and unmoving dog, and an obstinate cat looking for ice. i was inches away from the haven that is my 7′ x 12′ space in the garage.

“should we take her?”, the swmbo asked in her hurtful little girl voice.

that’s the voice that tells you the only correct answer is, “Of course.”

i won’t recite the things, some reasonable, others…hopefully not indite-able’ that flooded my mind. i took a very deep breath…before i drown.

i shall be forever grateful for medical pot.

t’was but a scant 12 minutes; she entered my sanctum with her, the rejected pond pup – on her back to the pond – kona, now kaddie (i did not do that).

there was that feeling again, another deep breath, its all good. rested the fore plane on the bench, slide off the end into my chariot, looked at the pile of wood shavings, smiled.

after the 26 years spent with the swmbo i have learned this fact: any and all plans made a minimum of 7 to a maximum of18 days prior to the event (be it: travel, leisure [?] , or actual geld generating eork, hopefully); if those plans are on a weekend…the thursday before i know those plans will cease to be.

it will happen, the destruction,plans…shattered, again.

but…lovin’ ona new member of the family, make her feel special…not half bad, as distractions go.

i will get back to the shop…probably about the time i get to go fishin”.

Be good. Do good. Be ever so good to yourselves – you’re special.

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